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My CV...

A timeline of my significant roles and movements:

Oct 22
Second Home Studios  -  Stop Motion Animator

She Creates Change: Dewmini - Animating on a short character animation film, with full body puppets and moving set pieces. A joint endeavour between Second Home and Nexus Studios, for Room to Read.

Sep 21 & Jan 22
Picturesmith  -  Stop Motion Animator

Quizlet: Feed Your Brain - A pixilation ad campaign, animating human interaction with (and morphing of) real life objects.

July 22
Scale Model Studios  -  Freelance Sculptor

Hot Chip: Eleanor - Sculpting an assortment of 1:6 scale puppet heads to realistic references for a claymation music video.

Apr 21 (to present)
Short & Sweet Studio  -  Stop Motion Animator

In-house freelance animator on a wide range of advertising and online content projects for various clients, including Mattel, Universal, Smyths, Argos and KIDLY.

Apr 21
A+C Studios  -  Stop Motion Animator

LV Insurance Advert: Animator on a pair of stop motion adverts for TV utilising live action objects.

Oct 19
Weebods  -  Freelance Sculptor

A short remote stint producing bespoke sculpts made to order for the popular gift brand, Weebods.
Couples, families and pets of all shapes and sizes, and all manner of props from wine glasses and teddy bears to brides bouquets and motorbikes! All sculpted, baked and hand painted in Fimo clay.

July 19 - Mar 21
WildBrain  -  Stop Motion Animator

Producing weekly 1-2 minute animated episodes for a popular kids entertainment Youtube channel (some now with millions of views). Working to scripts and managing my own storyboarding, modelmaking, camera/lighting setup and editing.
Also involved with other stop motion projects including Hans Hands and FOA Festival entry Have A Nice Day, as well as helping develop new series content.

Mar - June 19
A+C Studios  -  Stop Motion Animator

Animating stop motion sequences as part of LEGO's 'Discover' series for Youtube, bringing characters and scenarios to life in Lego's iconic comical style whilst educating children about the world around them.

Sept - Dec 18
NFTS/Aardman Academy   -   Certificate Character Animation

Three months of intensive animation training through exercises, workshops and masterclasses, under tutelage from Inez Woldman, Loyd Price, and an extensive mix of other internal and external animators and directors.

By the end of the course I had covered walk cycles, weight, running, impact, object/character interaction and lipsync, and my ability and understanding improved massively.

Aug 18 (one week)
A+C Studios   -   Freelance Sculptor

Sculpting puppets and set pieces for a fully plasticine based commercial project, working to 2D designs from the client.

July 18 (two weeks)
Yamination Studios   -   Junior Modelmaker

Set and prop building on a fast paced commercial project, assisting the lead makers wherever needed and overseeing the work experience assistants to produce various set pieces to a realistic quality and large quantity, ensuring quality control.

Factory Create   -   Puppet Generalist
Mar 18 - June 18

Assisting wherever needed between the Puppet and Art departments, working on a brand new childrens animated series. Creating and cutting out individual blinks using a vacforming process, filing and magnetising mouth replacements, seaming and painting puppet parts, and sanding and prepping 3D printed props.

Animortal Studio   -   Junior Assistant Animator
Mar 17 - Sept 17

Primarily sculpting, maintaining and repairing the plasticine heads of the puppet cast, and working closely with the Animators and Director between the puppet studio and animation floor. Sculpting precise versions of the main cast, producing various bespoke sculpts, and also gaining experience animating for the film too.

Sept 16 - Dec 16
Animortal Studio   -   Puppet Department Junior

Working in the puppet department on the upcoming animated feature film, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. Covering multiple processes on a daily basis including sculpting, mould making, casting, armature building, and regularly using a range of materials including wire, metal, plasticine, clay, plaster, silicone and resin.

Sept 2015
Animortal Studio   -   work experience, Puppet & Art dept

Professional unpaid work placement working on an upcoming stop motion feature film, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. I chose to split my time between both the puppet and art department, and covered a range of practices including sculpting, mould making, prop painting, armature building, using various tools and machines, and carrying out numerous practical tasks across the different departments.

July 2015
Aardman Animations   -   work experience, Animation dept

I was privileged in securing a short work experience placement in the animation department at Aardman’s Aztec West studios. Set up in a testing station with a puppet from Pirates!, I produced my own short sequences of character animation, improving my skills under feedback and tutelage from the Head of Animation, Loyd Price.

Feb 15 (one week)
BFI Animation Camp   -   Stop Motion teaching assistant

Following an interview process I was hand-picked as a stop motion teaching assistant on the BFI Animation Camp, working with Calling the Shots in partnership with the BFI (this was a professional paid job).

My roles and responsibilities involved managing puppet making workshops for the class of 16-19 year olds, and I also ran my own independent workshop teaching character animation with armatures. I was then assigned a team to supervise and support in the making of their own short stop motion film, taking them through all the stages of production, from storyboarding through to animating, editing and audio.

A Productions ltd   -   work experience
Mar 2008

I underwent a week's work experience with A Productions during my time at Secondary School, where I worked on my own computer completing 2D Flash animation sequences under the tutelage of then Lead Animator, Jane Davies. This was my first taste of working in the Industry, and I learnt tons about not only the software and the skills involved, but also adapting to new ways of working. Being part of a friendly creative team felt great, and it was a big confirmation that the Animation Industry is where I wanted to be!

UWE Bristol, Bower Ashton Campus

BA (Hons) Degree in Animation

SGS Filton College, Wise Campus

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media

The Castle School Sixth Form

Fine Art, Art 3D and Art Graphics A-Levels at grades B B C

The Castle School, Thornbury

Twelve GCSE'S at grades B - C, including Art & Design, DT Graphics, and ICT OCR National

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