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Some animated projects I've worked on...

Click for videos and more info!

Aardman Academy

NFTS Certificate Character Animation, 2018

AXA XL Insurance

Online advert, A+C Studios, 2018


Short film, Second Home Studios, 2022

LEGO: Rebuild the World

Stop motion series, A+C Studios, 2019

Argos Christmas

Online advert, Short & Sweet Studios, 2021

Quizlet: Feed Your Brain

Ad campaign, Picturesmith, 2022 & 2023

Barbie Extra

Online advert, Short & Sweet Studios, 2021

Billy Bricks

Youtube series, WildBrain, 2019-20

Handy Handwashing Song

Stop motion skit, WildBrain, 2020

Have A Nice Day

FoA Film Festival submission, 2020

LV Car & Home Insurance

TV Commercial, A+C Studios, 2021

Jurassic World Legacy

Online advertShort & Sweet Studios, 2021

WWE All Out Wrekkin War

Online advert, Short & Sweet Studios, 2021

Smyths UnBoxing Day

Online advert, Short & Sweet Studios, 2021

Undisclosed project

Cinema commercial, Short & Sweet, 2023

Colorado Lottery

Online advert, Yamination Studios, 2018

Norman Picklestripes

TV series, Factory Create, 2018

Chuck Steel

Feature film, Animortal Studio, 2017

Jurassic World Dominion

Cinema commercial, Short & Sweet, 2022

Intel / Silentdata

Internal advert and pitch asset, 2022

Hot Chip: Eleanor

Music Video, Scale Model Studios, 2022

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