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Chuck Steel

Feature Film (release TBA)

During September 2015 I spent a month in a professional unpaid work placement working on the upcoming stop motion feature film, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. I fell in love with the film, the style, the puppets and the crew, and was fortunate in securing my first Industry job on the project after graduating university!

As a Puppet Department Junior I covered an extensive range of modelmaking processes - from seaming and painting hands to making moulds and casting, doing some soldering and armature assembly, and even a bit of sculpting.

I was later taken on as a Junior Sculptor / Additional Animator after demonstrating my sculpting ability and desire to animate.

My main responsibilities then revolved around the sculpting and maintenance of the full plasticine puppet cast, and working closely with the animators and director to produce bespoke sculpts and carry out other duties such as rigging.I also gained experience animating a mix of shots for the film too, from traffic shots to puppet background plates.

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