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Art College final project, 2013

Being Bristolian

The outcome of my Final Major Project at College, merging my chosen pathway studies of 3D and Animation. The puppet is supposed to be a miniature version of myself, which I built during a workshop with Ellie Weston from Aardman. I put together a poseable armature with body padding and later went on to clothe my puppet, sewing the outfit myself based on my own clothes. The head and hands are made with flesh tone Sculpey, and the puppet has beads for eyes - inspired by Aardman's own puppets.

The set is an accumulation of my project research, which led me to create several downsized landmarks of Bristol to represent the best of the City. The animation was supposed to be much smoother but I only had a day to do it and no moving camera rig, so was manually re positioning the camera each frame. Being an iPad the quality wasn't the best and it captured too much surrounding the set. It was however, very inspiring for me and set me on an exciting path to want to sculpt and animate more than ever!

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